– Three thousand dollars or so I thought, on all the toiletries that I bought. Three hundred here and five hundred some, ethnic clothing far from… The best of education, a grab bag of qualities, assets unmatched to woman’s never ending folly.


– My mistake a new is past and present, realizing all discredit. Efforts futile, aspirations repeatedly crushed, yet still not anyone’s object of love or lust. Youth not any, only old men’s energy, their life mistakes seek rectification upon my pennies!


– Despite the perfect package I know that I am, only women can, attract men on all stands, whether disabled or crippled, smart or dumb, women is the center of one. Ideal ignorance of an uncompromising world, those that are different continuously suffer inner turmoil from…


– No riches at many, nor smarts may achieve, the time we live in refuses to believe, love for the same gender at any degree, radically… especially.


-My mistake, My assumption, Or so I thought!