Out of all things on this Earth I was meant to be, “The Gem” is what I was born to be. It was an authentic inner material was an auspicious glow; no research of this could be found nor told. The world worships this divine as though a looking glass, notices all “The Gem’s” outer characteristics of beauty and class.


– As I look on to become this breathtaking thing, no emulation in the world could achieve anything. Though I studied my homework, and did my “training” countless years plus of energy draining. A match at best to “The Gem’s” uncontested power, those who realized left before the hour.


– Epiphany alas graced me with a view; the way society mentally thought and grew. That “The Gem” I sought to become, could never be grasped, I’d soon would realize to understand the difficult realities at last.


– But I was “The Gem”!; I knew, because it lied inside of me, society concurred but showed the, that I lacked a vital quality, that would be sexually. I feel unfair that this “GEM” is center of all; could an undefined material like me be appreciated nor loved at all? And there I stood to the wrath of “The Gem”, only to be exposed upon the material within. I have yet to be counted.


– Continuing a path I know best, battling all ignorance I detest, like an obsidian to a diamond I missed one element. Other “Gems” would point out this mis-development. I am but just a mere reflection between both man and woman.