Living is learning how and when to move on to bigger, better, and greater things. Living is learning how to evolve mentally and extract from pass experiences, the bulk of what life lessons had to teach us.


It is giving in, and giving away the correct things at the right time, while in the right matured state of mind.


Only when you have released doubts, fears, and all anxieties totally, the old and out dated.


It is unsanitary to remain docile on the same level of consciousness. There is always another way to becoming more aware of your surroundings and universal surroundings.


Expand the mind, eradicate negative energy, release petty and pitiful quarrel. Grow; evolve knowingly, awaringly, skillfully.


Change becomes a new pivot of exploration and awareness once self analyzation under a critical lens is tactfully, truthfully, and spiritually initiated.


The strength you know that you already have will rise to the surface.


Request for newness, Call upon the forces, display your courage. Believe in the positivity in change. Take Charge. Believe in your right to wield it!