In my generation I have seen, many of poet’s shout and scream, talk of various subjects to me, complications yet to be solved by any means. Thus excuse my tartness madam Wheat, You incur the wrath of my wit tighter than your composition sheet. For words that fabric from your mouth got you know where how’s that sound?


For that land you called pagan, was the root in which was the worlds first haven; twas Africa home gave birth to truth, the blackness you damned was the source of our non aging youth. As I shift the tables for your crumbled soul to hear, a kiss ass deserves to shed no such tears.


From my psyche to yours oh countess Wheat, who notices you now you see, with such diligent effort you attempted at success, Even Zeus and Hera didn’t even try to second guess. Great muses, I borrow from you, I spoke with them personally the life of you. In retaliation rather then response, they were ignited upon elation to deny you dawn.


A prodigy of rhymes that flow like silk… But annoy me like your breasts that manufacture sour milk. How dare you spend life to remind, time that could have been yours and personally divine, had your intellectual calculation been wielded with appreciation, perhaps your impoverished doom would have not made creation.


So quick to be a sell out, an Uncle Tom for fame how’s the domestic work oh gracious and honorable shame. Did the collard greens burn upon the white flame? So who in return is said to be tamed? George Washington and others you announced in such amazement they were quick to knock you down in entertainment. For the public face was in awe they doubted you fiercely did you score?


Twas your words I myself don’t doubt the significance, however your generation were suspended in suspicious. For a genius like who probably knew, I’d thought in court your words would have blew, Perhaps it did and probably not in the end you tied yourself up in a knot.


Had your humbleness been for real, appreciated your own skin color sincere then maybe your life would have extended, lived in Paris like it was intended.


For I denounce your thoughts on black people, don’t bother to enlighten me on fat people. For the choice you confided in was so false, the people you damned were not the cause. Like the struggles of today I’m sure it ran in your time strongly like the cold water of yesterday. I’m sure inside you knew the truth, I wished you just decided to be REAL!