Subtle dry contemplations of the eternal thoughts we’ve always had,

once brought together two hearts separated by the sand bag.

Through friendship and lust,

companion and mate,

many karmic cycles advocate,

that the galactic dimension from thus countless incarnations we’ve weaved upon time,

should it ever be written our hearts be perpetually intertwined.

For the promises we made in the world from which we come,

to aid Earth’s primitive dominion, man… who ridged views suffers from.

Is it in and out of time that Earth’s 3rd dimension can only flex one optic view…

proclaim, substantiate, legitimize, what “Sex” is “naturally” true?

It was already known,

that you were mine to have and I was yours too,

the stars intuition from the source engraved upon the nebula blue.

Such many a hearts as mine grown heavy,

Soul’s confused,

countless planets I’ve visited through karmic time in comparison to Earth would think also too;

How a beautiful planet has ever come to be,

thrive on excluding the “different”and forever harvest seeds of misery.

But by the muses faith in chance we’ve held on to our ideals,

through time overcame the noir trials while keepín it real.

All life forms have their time;

there are no mistakes,

the source made sure those truly awake, to the truth can relate,

the threads of fate,

of our perspective destinies.