It was cheap chinchilla on your back,

stretching it dearly to fit your cellulite fat.

Can’t you see the shit don’t fit?

Stop Playing yourself a bit.


It was observation to watch you strut,

the fur in which covered minimal gut,

but if you see what we see then perhaps you would change but…

Conclude that you truly looked like a serious nut!


It was cheap chinchilla you bought from the store,

you’d thought the public would adore,

loved the “assumed” look of leisure you sought for more.

Ignored all your friends and buddies until guess what… One day the shit tore!


It was now… Cheap torn chinchilla you wore on your back,

the tear itself began to stretch wider due to your cellulite fat.

I sat down to watch in interest,

because of “you,” I almost got detention.

And there you were trotting throughout the mall,

afterwards blocking walkways, intersections and all.


It was Cheap Chinchilla you did not manage,

because you failed to wash it caused society to panic.

It collected dust, dirt, and grime;

I did my best to see to it that your cheap ghetto coat stayed away from mine.


All you could say is that times were hard,

Judging from the gold chain and Nike shoes that was a lie by far!