If we live in a world that’s supposedly free, then why hasn’t anyone taken the liberty to act in such a manner? Maybe it’s because everybody’s to busy minding everyone else’s business to realize an opportunity at its ripest. People all over this world ignorantly continue to declare this state of terrorization by other nations when in fact people continue to practice this same malicious art upon each other and the different more or less. It’s people who terrorize each other. Why claim protection so dearly when in the end you inflict the same fear on others and continue to cry out of these same brutalities? I would think that’s yet another contradiction!


We say we are a country that accepts all cultures, ethnicities, and diversities. Well hell, we have damn near every race here; why is there discrimination? Why can’t I go to a job interview and be judged by the content of my intellectuality rather than what I may appear to be, yet in conjunction to this truth your natural response is, “we only except black or Hispanic people that are thin and light rather than dark and fat!” or “White people are what we feel best sutes our business company.” I have yet been able to walk in the front entrance of Trump Palace without being escorted to the “service entrance” What happened their mother fuckaa; I thought we accepted all cultures, ethnicities, and diversities? I would think that’s yet another contradiction!


Minorities feel in general that everyone should have an equal opportunity to access and achieve educational success. But when the invitation calls forth for the new, very few grab that chance; but that very few that do break free from the chains of ignorance to except this free gift, (Which is guaranteed that it may not even come at all!) are the very ones that are constantly being pulled down by their peers and the malice of others who missed there chance and only seek to destroy others in their height of recognition. (You parents know what I’m talking about!!!) Damn, I’d think that’s more contradiction. Wouldn’t you?


For you social people of the world… You women argue that there are never enough good men in the world for you to choose from, yet as soon as God blesses you with one that is considerably decent you automatically think you own him, then you take advantage of him, and shortly after cheat on him. Then you wonder why your asses don’t have any rights. I guess the dick is good enough for you now huh? The same shit you women complain about is the same shit the majority of you women inflict amongst yourselves, heterosexual men, AND homosexual men. So stop the madness, and admit that most of you are just as horny, freaky, and slutty as men can be.


For you men… Again most of you want to complain that women are not right when in fact you are the ones that cheat just as much. Men’s obsession with pussy has gotten out of control to the point in which men dream and fantasize about it. And if without it will seek a substitute! (You homo thugs know what I mean!!!) Until men’s arrogant behaviors are rectified starting with discrimination, racism, and ignorant, controlling ways then true love will forever be hard to accomplish. But first to achieve that, you must find out if you love your self, that means finding who you are, because if you don’t then how can you love anything else; or yet accept the finer beautiful things of life has to offer or understand the difference between the two!


People’s Contradictions need to come to an end and be rethought!!!