What seems like years to me is only but yesterday to the source, the quest in overcoming obstructing obstacles from adversity of course.

For all the struggles and the exhaustion to set other’s perspectives right,

inner malfunctions suppressed through all my might,

the perpetual fight.

Mental clarity and elegant exposition, the circumstances of a constraining realm isn’t,

allowing the Dao to govern its channels,

like synchronicity to the “common thought” misconstrued for flannel.

Could we, should we, be who we are,

obliterating the stereotypical social constructs like an exploding star.

For what it’s said about male & female in a world built on racial partition,

contrasting the incomprehensible reality of this fuck-up dimension.

Held up to standard with the other 10,

could the final word of the omega be heard within?

Perhaps a conversation or so with the ultimate source;

intertwining harmony through the nebula’s silk threads of force.

If inertia’s chat with karma could only pass way,

may myself and thousands of inner spiritual others will have our day.

Diversity knows no limit in a galaxy composed of facet,

who knew that the world of man would confine the artistic in a condemned basket.

For what a world we live in is so out of sync,

the other worlds stand in awe only to look on never to blink.

Could we ever be free from holds that stand in our way living on to obtain justice someday?