I’ve broken free out of the maelstrom of self-consciences, and stolen the grand opportunity to allow my soul to be submerged spiritually and my mind liberated to except such tedious endeavors ahead of me. May God discreetly grant me the grace to except the things I am powerless to change, yet I’d hope in returned to be rewarded wisdom and knowledge to understand the difference between the confusing two. Will anyone join thee?


Will common sense continue to be a force that will endlessly be misunderstood with intellect? Or will Logic differentiate the two? For life has inoculated my energy and has make it so that I lack the necessary vitality required to combat with the eradications of societies never ending wrath. Upon this inconvenience I shall advanced and continue to do battle alone in this battlefield of loneliness. Will anyone join thee?


   The cold shoulder who’s rival was colder than the nipple that gives life, has squandered aimlessly to spread shade amongst the kindness of people including his own. For that he/she has no realizations of beauty nor the will to do so. They forget about the precious seeds of existence and become infatuated with the roots of all evil to the point in which their soul is unable to no longer be moved by the stars. Will anyone join thee?


So in the madness of the irrational mind, to the intellectual individual the universe will respectfully serve deserved karma to those whose seek to destroy but never understanding why this cyclical elliptical pattern still breathes? What’s the point in retribution if the punished only gets punished ironically all over again? May God discreetly grant me the grace to except the things that I’m powerless to change and the strength to comprehend the confusing two? I’d like that!