It’s only because of the insecurities of men,

they act the way they know.

Compete with women unfairly because they believe that’s the only way that they can grow.

Putting women down in inferior positions,

suspending all competitive “equal” competition.

But because the properties of femininity is still a foreign source to men, sometimes they feel testosterone is the only power that should win.

Evaluating the history that women has gone through,

I even ask myself,

“How you’ve all continued to remain and stay cool?”

I look at women and see such a radiant light,

I’ve tried many times with all my might,

to attain that power for myself,

who amongst men has only incurred anger and strife.

Really it’s truly women that are in control of this world,

the thought itself makes chauvinistic men hurl.

Only because they can’t do what you do,

men feel it’s no hassle to act true.

They’d rather act hard headed and simple,

but ask that you remain gentle.

Honestly there is no reason to curse men,

understand they do what they know because they’d be afraid as what might happen to their ego,

if they don’t maintain their wins.