It’s a busy day with many things to do,

tell me sir why is your office lacking glue,

essential supplies that are far from new,

no utensils like pens that conclude,

great words I wish to write to you I can’t do.

This pen has no damn ink I protest,

please fix this problem I suggest.

It’s so annoying during such a hectic time,

a pen with no ink stifles and discourages the mind.

I reach for another pen on your desk,

your permission and affirmation I trusted in I assumed was best.

I proceeded to sign the document once more,

only to discover that ink existed no more.

I looked at you,

you glanced at me,

got anything to say please do tell me.

You ran to the back to fumble through stock,

looking for pens in what I saw was an empty box,

thought you could fool the university students I think not.

What you tried to make us believe was just not hot.

Yet I continued to stand and wait for you,

all this for an inkless pen who knew.

The secretary stood and saw,

didn’t even care about the cause.

I think she needs to get replaced just like yesterdays old shoe lace.

Looking at the office vicinity I’m still confused as to how it reached financial depravity, rubbing two pennies together in an attempt to prolong longevity.

A University office with so much cash,

can’t even manage to buy a bag of “Bic” pens to stash.

What’s wrong with this picture,

Something’s just not right.

I think we all deserve to sign for our checks on the dotted line.

By the time a pen was discovered it was already late,

me and “girlfriend” over here sat together to see who can fastest lactate.

Out of the blue I was finally called,

by the useless secretary my poor eyeballs saw.

A pen was found…

with ink…

really oh how profound.

I proceeded to finish the document oh, how’s that sound!