It’s just as real as it may seem the truth in many forms the quality of which many refuse to see. The difference between what is right and what may be wrong. Society enjoys to confuse and replace what does not belong. It’s not a rose it’s a dandelion!


    The truth within a lie, the lie within the truth, manipulated politically and professionally crude. It’s not the fact that life is not fair, nor fair is not fact; existence itself we all made weak. It’s not a rose it’s a dandelion.


    We see what we want to see not what the actuality is one of our biggest weaknesses of human life we just can’t get rid. It’s not a rose it’s a dandelion.


    Take time to understand your views but consider the ignorant too their arrogant neighbor and trifling friend through and through they have their story although we know it’s nothing surprisingly new. The world we know will eventually change to something greatly bloomed. Where not roses just yet were all dandelions!