For four years plus I’ve known this friend,

we’ve became close and shared many secrets over and over again.

Been there through good times and bad, happy times and sad;

we’ve backed each others ideals up “iron clad.”

But then one day my friend found love or so she presumed,

it was not long before she knew her mistakes were far from few.

She became so quick to start a new,

life with a woman who at first glace appeared beautiful and sweet,

but deep down she was a creep,

who kept her malicious intentions discreet.

A couple of months later the facts would un-fold,

be retold on my end watching down as an incentive to behold.

The treachery that a mass and the abuse that ascended,

if was within my power all the nonsense would have been deleted and suspended.

As this friend confided in me,

I only asked but why,

me and other associates rectified,

that our initial judgments pondered why,

you tried to compromise with a woman who faced mental issues and could not identify,

herself on the humane social plane.

For Just when problematic shit could have ended it only began,

my friend was constantly damned,

she was kicked out of her own living quarters and forced to find another place to live in. The madness would only ensue,

mature into the work force and spread around like tacky glue.

Involving a sketchy boss bitch confided upon by the protagonist of low self esteem.

Harmony would ring sometime later,

only after sanity obtained released greater;

self-respect learned for the friend who valued freedom,

silence on golden wings,

symphony’s retribution illuminating retrieval.

Clarity’s execution on an acute humble appreciation a life lesson well learned thoroughly!