I’ve made love to the Shanghai dragon. Had him wrap me in his satin; turn me around to sit amongst acclimated fashion.


I’ve had a conversation with the grand phoenix. Flew high in the sky beside the needless, contemplated the mean-less, shared persimmon tea with the majestry.


I’ve became one with the lotus. Relaxed all of my tentions and focused, taught the peony to remember love and be remote-less, subdued lady luck and said note this….


I’ve sparred with the Kung-Fu master. Sat down to realize patience matters, reconvened with Jade Empress to discuss the latter, better days and more seductive dress pattern.


I’ve ran in the fields of immortality. Brushed the weeds of formality, danced with the broad sword of agility, popped my fan in the name of fertility.


So miss are you going to buy that dress or not…..?


Oh sorry, here is my Mastercard.