Arrangements at 7 were confirmed to re-greet a long lost friend,

old memories of our times together back then,

was always used to postal resources as my communication sources,

my words written down in letters critically focused,

pleasant news, updates of my life, since the move from Secaucus.

But then that day he said: “It was time for a switch!” Perhaps a cell phone, I soon saw was his “niche”,

so I thought… “Maybe it is time to try something new!” I really do get tired of licking all that “stamp glue”.

Without thinking I signed up for any old cell phone plan and said “How cool!”

Using this machination without delay,

I called many people everyday,

even received text messages fancier than Serc-Duh-Sue-lay,

it was not long before I’d soon have to pay,

for a cell phone bill that threatened to take me away.

In Checking this week’s mail there was another letter, instead from my friend, it was from the “collections” even better.

Negotiations with the department broke things down to me,

about the plan I failed to see,

the fine print I signed to unconsciously.

They talked about ring-tones and downloaded movies, service charges, international rates fooled me.

A profile history of my cell phone was kept,

showed me all info as it was blasted to the “super” computer with all my debt.

Eventually I’d have no choice but to clean up this whole financial mess.

I cut my contract after I paid the bill,

utilized my old sail nail methods until…

I was ready to take on another responsibility that included funds,

cause paying bills is just not fun!!!