I took a stroll on the beach, to watch the seagulls scratch and screech. Stand in the watcr to look around try to obtain action that to us humans is not profound,

But then a sudden, crazy seagulls gathered some dozen. Plot to grasp a token, which revealed a banana in bird language was spoken.

Although little was squacked, telepathy was felt presumed positioned were dealt. Something was about to go down not to far from the oceans belt.

1 to 2, 2 to 3, all turned about to figure out zoom in and evaluate what was truly worth the seek out? With nothin to loose and food to scout, the seagulls all thought it was worth the bout!

As we watched from a far in awe it was considerably amusing, the spar. Over the banana which was peeled, exposing the food that prevented shield.

The plot, the pettiness, and thunder, oh banana blunder. For we all could clearly see that there was nothin left, the 5 seagulls disputed us at best, that the little cream in the cracks and nims could feed the flock times 10.

How stupid the site, craziness oh seagull humorous illegitimate, and insignificant the flight.