Before the time as I always am to arrive at work,

punching in on the time clock while not forgetting to say hello to the reception clerk.

For only an hour or so upon the shift would pass,

before un-noticed drama would amass,

the client of old business who could not mentally understand,

the truth exposed slightly upon her daughter in which she’d refuse to withstand.

Checking in the mental consumer whose weight collapsed over the electric wheel chair seat,

mustering all ability to eliminate, sanitize, and oxify the emanating air that rot worse that chiddlin and chicken feet.

Words would exchange between parent and I,

little did I know she had no intention to try,

she’d create the “white lie”.

Her perception and interpretation of me would conclude,

foul meanings and succeed already no moments soon…

her ignorant discontent.

If she could stand back and see it all so soon,

her daughter’s fat growing, evolving bigger that Cancun,

only tighter than any larva’s cocoon,

I’d hate to loom…

around such an electric circumstance.

Although I’d talk a nature of pure liberation,

to help the in-enable of disable,

someday become able,

the overseeing would deny such a generous feat,

only to bastardize golden words of self esteem for a negative heap….

of ridicule.

Next time I’ll mind my own damn business,

long live doom upon the mother and the offspring producing the detriment of the electric wheel chair FAT!