Amongst the crowd at the county fair,

Observing all the love couples that were there.

For I have not an item or a mate,

The clues of my heart circulate,



All the while sub-complicate.

But such the circumstance would be,

The dragon fly who saw me.

On shoulder thus dragon would rest,

Relating to the human emotion somehow nether the less,

Looking on at the population coupled in two,

Dragon fly and I felt through,

Anonymously the same dilemma.

In bedazzlement the fly would speak to me,

Its heart would respond and plea…

Grief of the circumstances,

Fantasia of sorrow,

  Searching for the promised love of tomorrow.

I who knew all so well,

The pain that swell.

Thus in moments we shared a tea,

Human and insect both deprived and in need.

We would uplift ourselves from the sadness we felt,

Believe that the universe dealt,

The right cards for us in life!