A plan stood for a date at 5,

the banquet we mutually thought divine.

As was said before….

I’d pay half of yours,

I’d even pay for mine;

there should be no reason in the world why we can’t arrive on time.

So then I thought but not later knew,

the attitude of my future anger lay closer soon.

As if the banquet had even fit my taste,

rushing to a “5-star” hotel to greet many a fake face.

Fine Wine and “classy” people,

gilded intentions built on the seeds of evil.

For as I planned along with my LEBO date,

to stay upon the designated time not a moments late.

But upon my optic sights she’d continue to sit,

flirt with a confused hetero women in hopes she’d flash her tit.

Hmmm… the bulk of my patience grew exceedingly low,

the embroidered threads on my dragon dress was about to pop and blow.

My eye more squint that the pharaoh,

lady luck in fear she drew me the wrong taro.

As I thought to myself could we please leave this Fucking place?

Enough anger and climaxed frustration,

led to a hole in the bathroom wall to much of the bell-hops fascination.

The world saw a new side of me,

led to a chaotic awakening and violent epiphany.

No sooner as we finally left,

my “date” followed her interest,

had me drive her to an empty club I thought suspicious.

No second later the “fascination” itself would then turn to challenge me,

as I stood fist clinched backed-up ready to bash thee…..

into the ground.

For after much thinking and reevaluation,

I made the difficult rectification.

Inevitable decision forced and powered behind no temptation,

To flee the source of drama spewed in torrent escalation.

Grasping the freedom of responsibility that was surely mine,

refusing to turn back, driving off, promising myself to redefine…..How I spend my time from now on!!!