I want to find the place where expression is an undisputed relationship, unsuppressed from exhibiting its true intended form,

where the metamorphosis within the seeds of creativity is plausible for all.


I hope to discover the wisdom within the truth were one day may the intellect utilize that essence for justifiable causes,

work towards reforming the outdated smarts of old traditional discriminators.


I dream to one day discover the path in which I can share my strength with the world.

Touch the hearts of the ignorant,

engage in constructive conversation with the unscrupulous copycat!


I struggle to find advance souls that have fully taken over the use of their avatars, thus live existence accordingly to how it was meant to be…

obtain ideal friends with meaningful things to say,

enjoy a reality free from dramatic drones that act as if they were all manufactured from the bowels of asininity and stupidity.


I fight to find love free from confusions,

where one may manifest the blossom of an un-described bud feeling in the heart,

eliminate the foolish competitions with women,

un-earth the blueprints as to how to create happiness for the ostracized soul!