That through infinite wisdom and everlasting binding ribbons,

In-Formation indescribable vision.

For what Omega backed the source of creation,

expression, invaluable sensation.

But because the dawn of will was what absolute case matrix,

thoughts no limits irrelevant revelation. Avatar of the one true power of perpetual flawless facet, created from marvels of no imperfection.

Although somewhere far unknown,

numerous races fought over the nebula and fold,

bombastic rivalries,

bitter hatreds,

fabricated alliances un-related.

The discovery of sorts to look back on time,

continuing to put the pieces of life together of what were mine.

If understanding came in a torrent of ease, such the luxury I would except, continue to not question thy self nether the less. On the accord that screaming to the universe would do no right in essence to the source understanding my plight.