In view of the clear water tank and thus 3 gold fish I saw,

Swam around in circles as I watched in awe.

That of the thought of a psychic connection we shared was bared,

seafood and I condoned to mutual stare.

Nodding to the side,

dodging the falling flakes,

refusing to brake,

checking another rock that was apparently at stake.

It was 3 fish in total and only one stood out from the rest,

was it best;

we looked at each other denying eye rest,

such an optic test.

For all the swimming and jumping the background would do no good,

could stop the dumb gold fish from chewing the tank rocks at the bottom as I ever watched and stood.

The other fish noticed too,

they stopped in their tracks,

making googlely faces in hopes to understand the mishaps.

But no error could have ever surfaced,

the truth forbidden,

the mystery of the rocks remained,

hidden upon the sea tank could it ever be detained.

Maybe it was me,

should I engage in the endeavor too,

chew the rocks at the bottom of the tank in hopes to find heaven soon.

Hands reside within the tank to discover what I never knew,

clutching sea rocks in hand to put in my mouth and chew;

discover what it was all about,

a perspective that made me grew,

who thought the crazy fish could show me anew.