It was the conversation during the afternoon break,

we strolled around and then decided to rest by the park lake.

Sharing many concepts give or take,

an hours pass,

two hours…

Could our minds have been anymore awake.

My pizza slice her tuna sandwich,

over and over we celebrated free from panic.

But an interruption at 3 broke our rhythm,

from the “I know Right” ignited the stigmatism.

I took flight to discover the unknown,

I said: “wait a minute” Who the hell are you… Are you grown?

An “I Know Right” out of fat air was said,

could not undo the conversational focus that was previously shared.

You caused unnecessary conflict and my partner despair,

had you minded your damn business you would have been spared.

But instead social confusion reigns throughout the public air.

Your “I know Right” was out of place,

Your “I Know Right” you exclaimed in haste.

You even ran by us in such a race,

forgetting to pay attention you ran into the oncoming bike and flipped over twice in the same place.

This only added to the social distaste.

This “I Know Right” contained a syntax issue,

This “I Know Right” failed to dismiss you.

You was not apart of the mix so why did you try?

Thought you could cover up the lie?

If you wanted to speak you could have just said excuse me,

not yell in the background and confuse me.

If I want surround sound Digital Dolby would have been it,

not you who in a fast getaway even tripped over the park bench.

All is forgiven I can let shit go,

just next time be a little more polite before you blast off into some else’s convo…

“You Know!?”