Up to my neck with responsibilities,

the weight seems to test my capabilities.

In school with loads of work,

heavier than the gossip dirt.

From one end to the next at full speed,

can’t really find the time to breathe,

for time tis ticking by the nano second,

father time has been far from benevolent.

A bursting “To Do!” list ripping at the seams,

has manage to buckle my knees.

Dates and engagements never seem to captivate,

less even for my amazement.

Tedious part of the mission;

is getting others appointed feedback and un-interrupted attention.

For wasted time to complete one task,

has put my brain in and out of a sedated mental caste.

The expectation of others awaiting my part,

why am I the only one on time to deliver the goods and art?