It was efforts derived from conception that dawned light on truth,

the “Drivers License” that would be the key to obtaining ones independent youth.

Throughout the rat race we call “Life”,

filtering out the assumed allies along the way consumed of strife.

For offered help nowadays is the modern day figurative speech,

neither did they have any intentions to uplift those and teach.

From one supposed friend to the next incapable of showing me the way,

I’d learn quickly to see swiftly someday,

gilded intentions and snooty attitudes,

stood way to discourage life in everlasting torrent multitudes.

But because of positive light that ever beam so bright,

the source shine unrivaled from Gods everlasting might,

I’d continue the fight.

To strike for justice deserved like anyone else,

to fully spread the seraphim wings of myself.

For who knew many would wish damnation upon me,

the “One Man Band” who rose up from all those who plotted negativity against and overcame successfully.

Two 5 hour videos and 5 different Road tests,

the travel to Amsterdam was truly discouraging at best.

But in the end after ones pride was humbled in a beat-up un-inspected car,

the life lesson learned first made hard,

to see the responsibility behind independent freedom,

to never misuse this treasure valued pricelessly blessed only through God’s kingdom.

I will graciously drive on to the next stage in my existence!