– Why are you here? You pay’s no rent dear. You flies around my house with buzz, getting into stuff you does, nothing to pull you own weight cause, your fleeing for dear life bud.


– You invade my graham crackers, fondle with my cereal, milk, cheese, and hair relaxer. Why are you here? You pay’s no rent dear. Didn’t you have enough time dodging the “Raid”, “Black flag”, “Chinese chalk”, and the rain?


– You mischievous and naughty Nat, you managed to make friends and hold annual meetings with the outside rat; created an alliance with the moth, bed bug, and next doors hateful house cat. Found ways to escape all the weeks worth into setting up rodent traps. You even saved the fly from the Venus fly trap.


– So now that I have caught you, what do you have to say?… Buzz… buzz does not translate Ok. I hope that in the next lifetime you are reborn something more significant.