Work time; changes my mind, enlightens my heart for a boy I hope recognizes mine. A same work schedule from 1:30 to 6, gazing passionately to covertly satisfy an itch. Love sees opportunity, but conciousness sees action, more day dreams of utter satisfaction.


Mistakes of the past have cost me much, learning to keep all thoughts to myself to avoid a bunch, of problems that could affect my economy, tax returns, of which I could prevent a folly.


 The “Work Boy” I dream of, I know not of his desires, it would be destiny to be apart of his attire. He can put me on, and take me off. Do me inside and out until he trots off. Just a moment of intimacy would equal that of any woman’s femininity, come to me work boi and share with me plenty!


In my universe you will see a new, great feelings of sexual climactic dew, My chance with you seems not of this reality. It’s a shame; such a concept should be criminality.