– A week alone in the house of bricks and stone, super vision has left, for springtime has shown. Vacations alas, swept throughout the air, my company arrives there.


-As planned, time spent with the love one, embraces me and then some. Hands embrace my thighs, thick lips nuzzle my neck, he even absorbs my sweat.


– He expressed much concern, then turned me on my back side, gentles whispers, “Can I bust inside?” The thrust of life forced open my insides, my heart elated and took off on flight, I could only wonder if this private moment was pyrite?


– The harder the force, suspended me on trapeze, I thought I’d suddenly buckle at the knees, his moans of excitement, my groans of pain, I knew that in the end, I did not give it up in vein.


– Cream of essence spills all over my breasts, thickness at best. We shared this fruit as if ambrosia existed no more, He then re-popped my core.


– Romance of a thousand years, intimacy has surpassed, our climax together has nostalgically passed. A final shower moment of undying kisses.