– Auspiciousness of the God’s embroidered dragon, weaved on peony jaded silk fabric. Declared mandate, and Confucius will, dragon brocade until.


– Moonlight night and equinox’s eclipse manage to lie down and stay sit, that all the fabrics that came to be, it was the jaded phoenix dragon that embezzled me!


– A thousand year’s search I’ve reacquainted with the dragon, the phoenix interrupted upon skilled fabric. The dynasties called and spoke through me, a beacon of incredibility.


– Tang and Ming, Han and Qing, Guan-Dong province, Cheong Qing. A history of sorts engraved on fabric, old Chinese magic.


– For the jaded phoenix dragon that streamed across the silk fabric, could only reconcile bits and pieces… recollections ecstatic.


– The dress of nations, handed down by my ancient grandfather, collected people rent and every provinces tax dollars. United my world and my imagination, out did everyone at school who thoughts were rigid and outdated.


-It hung on a silk hanger for all to see, anyone who saw the relic understood me, the truth of a goddess that stampeded, full of wisdom and historic mystery.