I remember the time where I would turn on the TV, and there be a show I’d love to sit down to see, returning back form the restaurant where China man sold me, 4 chicken wings for a dollar and a bottle tea.


I remember the day where the train fair was a dollar, ride all the way down to 42nd street get off and pop my collar. Go window shopping and never be harassed, by the authorities who wanted to know if I had any cash.


I remember the month I first fell in love, kissed, hugged, and all of the above; could not sleep that night, as I looked out of my window like a turtle dove.


I remember the year I first wore lipstick, I never got it right until someone finally said I looked like shit. Competed with girls as we all played “Double Dutch”.


The times where then and this time is now, what we do in between should involve how, we live our lives to created more positive nostalgic clouds….


Of memories!