While in English class, I decided to switch my desk, to get closer to the black board and the teacher that wore quite a pleasant vest.


Then all of a sudden, my wind became short, I found myself gasping for air on the floor dusk. I turned to my side to figure out the why, I soon realized someone’s under arms stunk; I tried, to ignore the odor that reside, smelt like under arm hair over processed with sodium hydroxide. I wondered why didn’t he put on deodorant I mentally replied!


The lesson continued, the professor shifted, moved slightly over to maintain subtle mannerisms that were in jeopardy due to his arm tension. I unearthed the truth, it shocked me dearly, the teachers secret exposed upon the room dimensions.


I was not alone my class peer noticed too, we continued to share our thoughts mentally through and through. The sweat, the stench, and odor, hindered or learning experience a 1000 times over.


I’m upset at the fact, our teacher lost track, did not wear deodorant and lacked, humanity but gained edacity to say we all need to act more energetic for him on “his” class day. But wait a minute Mr. so and so, you forgot to wear deodorant did you know? Oh yeah I forgot, you attempted to keep that on the down low.


It’s not funny, it’s not cute, wearing the same shirt over and over like it’s fresh and new. I question your logic and your funds, please use deoderant next time and maybe you won’t smell like a skunk!!!