Though the endeavors to fulfill everlasting love have been strenuous, the thought of beauty can be a manipulating force; for that even those who are already in a state of perfection are deprived of this priceless luxury. For the pain of loneliness has multiplied in such multitudes, that each stage has experienced different forms of metamorphic detriments. These acute depravities grow in such, so that nether the inner nor outer beauty that exists concludes in a value that is next to nothing a comparison.


But because the ignorance of the educationally unfortunate, has prospered in expanding the stupidities of life, due to lack of common sense. The different are forced to live out their existence with those who are incapable of tapping in to him, her or nature. Which leaves the idea of individuality abandoned and locked away in a box somewhere floating threw out limbo where it will forever become gazed upon by popular society as the right we should have had the authority to exercise. And the remaining few who are given the keys of life to treasure this impossible gold of reality of our existence are then burdened with the cons of society that follow.


Love, which serves as the essence of living, once lost or forgotten one shall wither and crust away. And their heart submerged into the black dyes of the night. Aren’t the different entitled to love? Why are they any exception? Maybe if people stop pretending they would realize that then they could enjoy life doing the thing’s they liked to do and ignoring the ratio that just want to be omnipotent.