– The day had arrived where the funds were finally mailed to me, a Washington Mutual check I waited for impatiently. Assumption at birth’s excitement consumed my thoughts. Riots of colors for all the things that I bought. Rampage ecstatic engulfed in positive light, confusions behind all concepts unnecessary squandering blight.


– The check cleared or so I thought, the puppet from the financial institution dugged throughout my business and sought; “Do Diligence” was the excuse they told me, continuing to harass, embarrass and meddle into my affairs incredibly.


– A battle of words, a struggle of character, recollections of previous actions all the latter, revoked funds, frozen accounts, paid all outstanding bills before they’d amount.


– But if I stood, should I could, would I stood, find to see, might I waited for the ink to dry, most likely. For my mind to obtain clarity, a new reality would be waiting truly. A lesson like many none the less, taro cards and the universe could do no change nethetheless.


– I know next time to wait until the ink drys.